Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Frame sets for sale!!!

Schwinn le tour 62cm c-c frame and fork= $50
Triumph ? 52cm c-c frame and fork= $60
Bianchi premio. 46cm c-c frame and fork= $75

More bikes :)

Some more bikes ive built, powdercoated ect.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dope Straps!!!

These are the new JOL/Gurney straps. Hardware free!!! Ive been chating with joel and am tring to get these sold in the US. right now their being made in the good ole UK. I should be getting a pair soon to test out but i love the look and design. Maybe if all goes well, you can have your foot in them soon too.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ray's Raleigh "Fixie"

I LOVE THIS BIKE!!! This was an early 80s Raleigh with great detail i built up for a friend. Its the purple one second from the left. Welded up the bottle cage holes, cut the hanger, filed down the shifter bosses as well as removed any cable stays. Powder coated by Top koat. So quiet and so smooth! What a fun build. You wont find another one like it on the road! Hope you enjoy Ray.

Monday, November 16, 2009

"The Revival" NOV 22nd @ Transit Bike Co.

"The Shop"

Had a few repairs to finish last night and ended up kickin it with some friends, beers, and bikes. This is "The Shop" until we can get a storefront. Kina has a nice feel to it!

Jeff's Centurion

This is my current setup: 1980's Centurion elite frame and fork, Dura-ace cranks and bottom bracket, origin 8 47 tooth chainring, origin 8 pedals, old SR seatpost, 80's Vetta seat. DP-18 wheels with no-name sealed hubs, 16 tooth dura-ace cog, CST czar tires, no-name Japanese stem, Sakae custom drop bars with cinelli tape.

Chris's Felt

This is my friends Felt i built up. Aero-Spoke wheel Primed and rattle-caned Satin red. His front break was pulling the paint off the rim so i sanded it down to a machimed sidewall. Looks bad ass and rides great too!

Friday, November 13, 2009

BFOC Presents Dallas’ First Tweed Ride, Nov. 22nd 3:30PM

Don your best pantaloons, knickers, argyle socks, and two-wheeler, then make haste to the Grassy Knoll as BFOC presents Dallas’ first tweed ride, November 22nd at 3:30PM.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Raleigh Technium

This is an 80's Raleigh Technium 56cm i just picked up. Front half is aluminium and rear triangle is steel. I can't powder coat it because its butted with apoxy so it will get rattlecaned. Its FOR SALE and ready to be built up to your specs.

Dustin's Raleigh

I LOVE the way this build turned out! It started with an old Raleigh shown here on the far right. Cable stays and braze ons were cut. Bottle cage holes were welded. Velocity deep-v's, Orgin-8 gold track crank set, Gold chain, tange headset, shimano bottom bracket, no name stem and seat post soon to be replaced with a black post as well as black Orgin-8 riser bars with Oury grips. Powder coat by "topkoat" in red and vanilla forks with a gold sparkle. Even through on a Raleigh front brake:)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


In case you were wondering about the "Silverback" refrence:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ray's Bike

This Is Ray's GT
Just had this one powdercoated White and building it back up.

Just added RaceFace cranks, FSA headset,and Thompson stem. Forks were sprayed white. Tires are soo blingy!!!

Stephanie's Bike

This in an 1980's pugeot versallisi built for my wife. I cut and filed all the braze ons and cable guides as well as having the bottle cage holes welded up. I had it powder coated in a beutiful shade of teall green. Hooked her up with some nice wheels and a crank set, chopped and flopped her bars, and dont forget the womens specific saddle. She loves it.

One of my builds

From this: a 1980's centurion elite

To this...

To this...

To THIS! My steed!

I love this bike. I recovered it, striped it, painted it rattle can mint green, built it up and ride the Shit out of it!